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  • #1.Subway Surfers - I think my favorite pary about subway surf os about cahangong your person and. Collecting the mystery prize's also.
  • #2.Subway Surfers - This game is for my whole family and we do enjoy playing it, plus it's addictive and fun just wish there wasn't so many applications pop up..
  • #3.Subway Surfers - The game is super fun and addicting also it's really nice how it lets u get free stuff...IM GLAD ITS FREE!
  • #4.Subway Surfers - Awesome and at the same time obsessed with and at the same time cool/easy and at the same time impossible (like how??!??!) . like the characters. Makes me frustrated, give up/ don't care. And then love it!!!!!
  • #5.Subway Surfers - So cool man everyone should play this game even people around the whole world sweetest and coolest game everrrrrrrrrrrrrr so so so so so so so cool awesome sweet ever thing like that bro everyone play now even if your grounded always play guys
  • #6.Subway Surfers - Its awesome but no limited characters but keep putting new ones every day love it played it for years time passer
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