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  • #1.Subway Surfers - Kiloo the makers of subway surfers you are amazing. This game is a superb game, addictive, good graphics and challenging game for the age 6 to 60 and perfect time killer. I request to design more games like this cos certain games which you have designed is only in Apple store. This is bad. Design games for Google play store too .
  • #2.Subway Surfers - I love this game, but I wish it let us continue where we left off on another phone :/ I had so many points and characters on my old phone but I got a new phone and sadly I have to start all over.. good game but wish i didn't have to start over
  • #3.Subway Surfers - I love the game. The only issue I have is that I would like to get back all the characters I had. Limitied addition characters. I got a new device and now I have to start from scratch. That's insane. I also had double coins I purchased and now I dont.
  • #4.Subway Surfers - Very good game BUT.....but the boards characters outfits and products like mystery boxes and all that are little costly and pls.....keep super mystery boxes in the shop
  • #5.Subway Surfers - I change my phones every 6 months meaning when I download this game to a new device I have to start all over again what's the point of opening everything n reaching achievements? Game Data should be kept on you're servers not consumers devices. So when I download this game again I don't have to start over. If I kept my levels from the beginning when this game came out a few years ago I'll be on mission 600 plus easily. A solution needs to implemented ASAP this is not excusable
  • #6.Subway Surfers - Hey this is a best game ever since I was wondering if you are not the intended recipient of the most important thing is that the company has been a while back and forth between the two of the most basic information about your game
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