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  • #1.Amazon India Shopping - Great collection. No problem of quality of products found till date. Best part is that the app never crashes and is always very responsive
  • #2.Amazon India Shopping - cash on delivery on many of the items actully 90 prcnt of items is not available and quality of products is not upto the mark..what we recieve does not match al the description mentiond here
  • #3.Amazon India Shopping - Products are good. Reach out to daily needs as well as high end wants. Experience is good. Customer support is great.
  • #4.Amazon India Shopping - Amazon app graphics needs revamp ASAP! Nothing appears fresh and eye catching compared to peers. The service is awesome but needs to improve on the visual part.
  • #5.Amazon India Shopping - Everytime i place order it asks to login and after i login it shows due to some technical error order can't be placed. Everytime I have to visit the website through my browser for successful placing an order. The app always shows this error
  • #6.Amazon India Shopping - Nice app, delivers are fast and on time. This is being used by all my family members. Very useful , and all are trusted products
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