Gudi Padwa 2020 is on 25th March

9Apps | Mar 17, 2020 Gudi Padwa 2020

Chaitra Sukladi is the New Year in traditional Hindu calendar based on the beginning of the new moon. This New Year is observed on the first day of the waxing phase of the moon in the Chaitra month (March - April) in traditional calendar. In this day, people are usually buying new clothes, giving charity to the poor, very special bath followed by oil treatment, preparing and sharing a delicious and very special food called pachadi, at the same time, families will visit Hindu temples.

The different part of the pachadi is that it is a notable festive food that has all flavors-sour, bitter, salty and sweet.

In this blog, 9Apps will recommends you some apps you can use during this special holiday.


Frist App Charity

This app is designed to help poor people, it can directly connect with these target people, so you can see what your money can do for their lives. It’s a tradition to help others during Chaitra Sukladi, so using this app to help poor people. Meanwhile, there are many other opinions you can choose, for example, you can choose to join food program, education program, single-family program and so on. After you have chose the program, then your money will directly donate to that program, and you will get a medal.


Second App Yelo

This app is designed to shop from the supermarket and get best prices and just in time deliveries. Using this app, you can easily avoid crowded situation of the Chaitra Sukladi holiday, and get everything you need. They offer customers widest range of food and beverage products at most competitive prices. The company uses its in-house platform to deliver products within 48 hrs. and manages customer requirements and transactions with trustable suppliers.


The last one App Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

This app is more than a traffic map, it can help people to save time and keep the roads situation better-together. People can also play music and know when they will arrive. With this app, you can easily avoid traffic situation of Chaitra Sukladi holiday by finding the road which is least crowded.