10th Class Math Formula

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10th Class Math Formula and Example
In this app we tried to
consolidate all Maths Formulas and
equation required for Solving Problem of High School or secondary level.
Some Example is also given with each chapter to understand and revise concept.
It covers all the aspects of Algebra, Taxation, Statistics, Trigonometry, Geometry , Coordinate geometry and
This App is Extremely Useful for the students studying in Class 10 or High School.
This app will definitely help 10th class student in there board exam preparation .
As per the
NCERT ( CBSE ) and ICSE curriculum.
This is also Very useful for the teachers who teach
Maths in high school.
Simple Interface : easily navigate to any topic.
Math Formulas and equations arranged in most useful way.
Great app for Quick Revision
Great app for Solving Problem
Please email us at
"" to add any new formulas or suggestions.
The App covers topics
-- Real Number
-- Polynomials
-- Linear Equations in Two Variable
-- Triangle
-- Trigonometric Ratios
-- Trigonometric Identities
-- Height and Distance
-- Statistics
-- Quadratic Equations
-- Arithmetic Progression
-- Circle
-- Geometrical Construction
-- Probability
-- Coordinate geometry
-- Area of Plane Figures
-- Area of Circle,Sector and Segments
-- Cube and Cuboid
-- Cylinder
-- Cone and its Frustum
-- Sphere and Hemisphere
10th Math Formula - a must have app for your smartphones and tablets for all High School Students.
The app is continuously updated with latest details and added with new topics frequently.



Version: 1.7

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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