13 Line Quran

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The 13 line format of the Holy Quran.
The format uses a bold script, which is also known as Urdu/Persian Script, and is most commonly used in non-Arab countries.
NEW: Zoom feature - Hold down a page to fill the screen
Two Page Layout. Drag the page horizontally to see two pages side by side just like a printed Quran. Touch a page to turn.
Easy horizontal scrolling of pages in Continuous Scrolling mode. (Switch between the Two Page mode and Continuous Scrolling mode from the Preferences screen)
Portrait and Landscape view.
Remembers the last page that was displayed.
Juz and Surah Index. Press and hold the Juz name to select the desired quarter of the Juz.
Easily go to a specific page number.
Add multiple bookmarks.



Version: 0.4

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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