3D Koi Fish Theme & Lively 3D Ripple Effect

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The lively 3D Koi Fish Theme with incredible 3D water ripple animation will be one of the supreme quite therapeutic scenery themes will bring your phone screen a brand posh new look.
The lively 3D Koi Fish Theme with nifty lotus leaf & balmy lotus flower icons will make your phone screen look more lively, hope you can enjoy the serenity of water ripple and feel calm of the swim koi fish.

- Fabulous 3D transition effects on screens and folders switching.
- Elegant and simple 3D screen navigation.
- Screen management interface with incredible 3D effect.
- Astonishing 3D clock widget and aquatic lotus weather widget.
- Dynamic display on All Apps alphabetical list, or “App drawer”.
- Compatible with 99% Android phones device.
- Very small, will not affect system performance.
- Battery save function.
Why choose the
3D Koi Fish Theme
⭐The vibrant quite koi pond scenery theme launcher shows the lively wiggle koi fishes swim around in the calm fish pond, with superlative balmy lotus flowers & slick cobblestone as background.
⭐The vibrant koi fishes will keep swimming in the therapeutic fish pond.
⭐It is impressive when you touch the screen, the therapeutic quite koi pond scenery background with slick cobblestone will show you incredible 3D water ripple animation effects.
⭐Download the lively 3D Koi Fish Theme to own nifty lotus leaf & balmy lotus flower icons, swim koi fishes wallpapers and tons of vibrant koi pond themes.
⭐The superlative nifty 3D Koi Fish Theme is a vibrant swim koi theme with wallpapers of the most high definition classy calm serenity colors and nifty lotus leaf & balmy lotus flower icons.
3D Koi Fish Theme is a new free quite therapeutic scenery theme among tons of incredible 3D water ripple animation themes.
If you download the 3D Koi Fish Theme with exquisite 3D water ripple animation, you can enjoy:

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Lively 3D Koi Fish Theme is a free calm therapeutic scenery theme specially designed for our launcher users, including dozens of superlative nifty lotus leaf & balmy lotus flower icons and vibrant koi pond scenery wallpaper/background with exquisite 3D water ripple animation, which can personalize your phones easily.

How to Apply
the 3D Koi Fish Theme:
: The animation 3D Koi Fish Theme is only available for phones with our launcher installed.
1. Download and install the 3D Koi Fish Theme;
2. Install our 3D launcher;
3. Start our launcher and then you can apply the therapeutic scenery theme you downloaded. If you already have our launcher on your phone, you can also directly go to “Themes--Mine” to open the lively koi pond theme with quite therapeutic calm scenery and apply it to your phone.
If you like this lively 3D Koi Fish Theme, please support us by rating it.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us by email:, we are so happy to receive your valuable advice. Your satisfaction is the best payback for us!



Version: 1.1.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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