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This app is a viewer for 3D models.
Have rendered by OpenGL ES 2.0.
Recommended to following persons.
- Want to see 3D models for PC in mobile.
- Want to try rendering performance on own mobile.
- Want to see behavior of OpenGL for study.
- Want to examine rendering parameters.
- Want to make 3D data for live wallpaper.
- Optimize and accelerate displaying of 3D data.
- Supports relatively large data size.
- Display simultaneously the 3D models of multiple.
- Adjust eyes location / models angle by touch operation.
- Specify detailed rendering parameters in properties screen.
- Export/Import of all data.
Supported data
Wavefront (.obj/.mtl)
* Be required normals data. (vn).
* Face data (f) are supported a triangles and square.
Supported textures
* To be "power of 2" the image size. (Recommendation)
Import 3D models
- Put 3D data files (.obj/.mtl) and texture files to storage
- Launch this app.
- Go to object mode. (Press cube button in upper left)
- Open models screen. (Press plus button in lower left)
- Open import dialog. (Press green-arrow button in lower left)
- Enter file path of 3D data (.obj), and press OK.
* Or, import built-in models by [Choose] in import dialog.
Display 3D Models
- Tap 3D model in models screen.
- Open additional dialog. (Press plus button in lower center)
- Press OK.
* Can be rotation and scaling by drag/pinch operations.
Create 3D world
- Go to world mode. (Press earth button in upper left)
- Open additional dialog. (Press plus button in lower left)
- Press OK.
* Can be adjusted eyes location by drag/pinch operations.
Save/Restore of data
Can export/import of all data. (By top right button)
To live wallpaper
Exported data can be imported also into "3D Model Wallpaper".
3D Model Wallpaper :

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What's New 3D Model Player (3D Viewer)

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Version: 1.1.5

Requires: Android 2.2 or later



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