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Applications menu recipe collection of various practical sahur best for the mother. No need to bother looking for the recipe menu, we provide practical sahur recipe is for you. There are more than 90 recipes menu. Insha Allah this menu recipes inspired dishes sahur for your family.
In addition to the meal menu that we offer, is just as well we know sahur ala Messenger of Allah.
Bersahur is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, as narrated that the Prophet said, "Bersahurlah you for real in the dawn there is a blessing." (Bukhari Muslims).
Menu recommended Rasulullah SAW: Dates.
"Sahurnya fruit of the believer is dates." (Abu Dawud). However, to get the blessing of the meal as in the above hadith, not necessarily with a special menu.
Blessing the meal can be achieved with any halal menu although only with a sip of water. This is in accordance with the words of the Prophet SAW, "Food is a food that is a blessing Sahur so do not you leave it even if only a sip of water, Allah and His angels bershalawat to people who bersahur." (Ahmad).
The dawn of time recommended Rasulullah SAW: it is sunnah to mengakhirkannya.
In accordance with the hadith narrated by al-Imam al-Bukhari, the Prophet's companions named Zaid bin Thabit ever bersahur together Messenger and Fajr prayers.
Afterward, Zaid then asked, "How long between the dawn and after morning prayers?" Hadrat Zaid replied, "Size read 50 verses of the Koran." When measured by the recitation of the Qur'an being, approximately 15 minutes before dawn.
1. When dawn prioritizing water intake / drink enough water, especially during the day so that the body does not dehydrate.
2. Conversely Do not drink coffee because it contains a diuretic (a substance that makes pee on) which actually cause the body to dehydrate. Things have been considered wrong, drinking coffee aims to refresh the body, it is true, but it was the longest 1-2 hours, after which it is happening is abdominal / stomach ached, because of excessive stomach acid.
3. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber, to avoid constipation during fasting.
4. During fasting, both dawn and breaking avoid foods that contain fat and spicy flavor. In addition to improving blood cholesterol, fatty and spicy foods can interfere with digestion. Drink lots of water, between iftar and bedtime and during the meal. Interspersed with fruit juice drink is certainly without the use of sugar so that benefits can you feel.
5. Try not to sleep after the dawn prayer because the food we eat at sahur time wasted, why is that? At the time of the processed food into energy that is used during the time of the process used to sleep, and energy that is so wasted, because it is not used for a long day.
6. The main menu such as red rice, potato, spaghetti, or pureed green beans with palm sugar. These types of carbohydrates more "durable" in making a more stable blood sugar.
7. After dawn should let sleeping back. After the meal, the Prophet Muhammad never go to sleep.



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