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A simpletouse, easytoread calculator that goes anywhere your phone goes.It performs all the basic functions addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percent.Stripped from any bells and whistles, this calculator does exactly as its name implies it simply calculates.Big numbers and a big display makes this calculator a joy to use.Makes calculating fun again.With the calculator, you can: Addsubtractmultiplydivide and take percents. Enter multiple values before solving, for example 5 x 5 22. Display history and bring the result of a calculation back from history. Store and recall a single entry. Erase last buttons pressed. Clear entire entry. Scroll the result window.Use it at home, in your office or on the run for onthespot calculations.You will never to have to look for a basic calculator again if you have your phone.You will find this a great replacement for your simple handheld calculator.Great for beginning students and the math challenged.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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