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Description is Cash Book Online application PEPeku replacement. A sort of online financial accounting program which is simple. ACCOUNT serves as registrar expenses and cash generation. Can be used for personal, family, accounting for SMEs, small entrepreneurs, freelancers, accounting organization, the community, and even team committee.
ACCOUNT very user-friendly. The entire recording can be done like a regular cash book in just a few taps. Its features are very easy to understand. Quite record expenditures and revenues, and then see a report. That's all!
CLOUD-BASED APPS! internet based. Which means, you can ask the employee record in office, while you are at home can directly access the results, realtime. The data stored online. Although mobile phone or computer is damaged, the financial data can still be accessed. Just download this app or direct access via the Internet at
WHAT BENEFITS? financial help control everyday. A tool of business and personal success. How much income per month? What is the total expenditure? What is the difference? If negative, what should be suppressed? Yup! This application helps answer.
Accounting software is too expensive, cumbersome, complicated, and a lot of unnecessary features? ACCOUNTS so simple, easy, and unique. This application can be a good start for a professional bookkeeping system. Mobility is high enough? ACCOUNT can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from any. You always can know and control cash balances online and realtime. You can also download its financial statements via the Internet.
- Multi Cash Book
Could make some cash in an account book. Transfer money from one cash book cash book to another. Record the income and expenditure in some "money box" at once.
- Multi User
Have an employee? Working in teamwork? With the multiuser feature you can make a few additional users (child-friendly) to engage in the activity of the cash book. Supported 4 types of unique permissions, you can ask someone else noted without having to know the balance that you have.
- Online Invoice (desktop version)
Can create PDF invoices online and instantly send it via email to clients. We also present the notes feature to store electricity bills, bills, or whatever you want to remember.
- Please download this app, then register / register as a new user.
- In the next step you will be asked "Are you Pepeku user and want to copy all its data to" just answer "Yes".
- Then will be prompted to enter your email and password Pepeku. Fill correctly, and then follow the instructions. Thus, all data transactions, categories, notes, and book your old cash in Pepeku will be automatically copied into ACCOUNT.
Features Online Invoice and Statement Download (PDF) is available only on the desktop version / browser. Please log in using your email & pass similar to that used in mobile (Android) version.
Full info visit:
Applications online version of the desktop / browser:
Mobile Apps Tutorial
Info maintenance and development:



Version: 1.3.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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