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ATOMium is a FREE Live Wallpaper (LWP) presenting fictitious atoms like RANDon, BROWNium, DiCUBium, BALLium and FIFTYon moving in simulated 3D space as kinetic art. The Wallpaper lets you adjust colors, size, ball size and animation speed for an entertaining 3D display on your device.
ATOMIUM is a small program that runs well on Android 2.1+ devices with Live Wallpaper. It shows off your phone and looks great on tablets.
This and all other ARTware apps run well on Google's Nexus tablets and the Google Nexus phones.
Enjoy ATOMium in virtual 3D with and Quantum Effects
from ARTware+Software with NO Advertising
(Swiss+made modern minimal analog/digital apps without advertising)

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What's New ATOMium 3D Free Live Wallpaper

1.90 Upgrade to run on the latest versions of Android
1.85 Updates to fulfill new launch requirements
1.80 Changes for moving to Android Studio dev environment
1.75 Expanded some option settings (speed, size)
1.70 Fixed icons for high resolution devices and added links to FREE wallpaper app
1.65 Expanded size options for devices with higher resolution



Version: 1.90

Requires: Android 3.1 or later


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