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IMPORTANT NOTE: This app requires an active, licensed deployment of Access Passport and other applicable Enterprise Forms Management software from Access. Users must have the appropriate security credentials and authorization to access functionality. Please check with your organization’s IT administrator for more information.
The Access Passport — E-Signature app enables authorized users to capture electronic signatures directly on electronic forms using an Apple® iPhone® or iPad®. So regardless of where they are, staff can:
> Work with e-forms that need signatures and review their status at a glance
> Apply paper-like e-signatures directly onto e-forms using the touch screen
> Collect e-signatures at the point of need without having to print the form
E-Signature is a key element of Access Passport, the innovative web-based forms solution that removes ALL paper from forms processes — making them completely electronic from start to finish.
With Access Passport, users can:
> Access the e-forms they need easily from virtually any device and location
> Collect information in e-forms and add attachments in record time
> Capture electronic signatures directly on forms without paper and ink
Once an e-form is complete, Access Passport can:
> Automate workflow dynamically using data captured in e-forms
> Deliver completed forms and data to the people and systems that need it
> Track forms throughout their life cycle and perform many other valuable tasks



Version: 1.0.13

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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