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Manage your private revenue and expenditure of projects and things on your smartphone. The worry you to give with a book keeping personal data omitted here because the entire accounting is not on your smartphone. Start today, keep track and save time for yourself.
The application simplifies to record the daily income and expenses for your accounting. You may track your wallet or the common household.
Personally, I use the application for the time-saving recording of monthly income and expenses (purse, broker transactions). At the end of every month, I send the created lists to my computer and connect them to my accounting in GnuCash (possible for any other accounting software). Unlike other money management applications this application serves simple handling and provides useful functions.
My first steps:
Create a new journal with the blue pen on home screen bottom right. Give it a name. Now you see the newly created list on your home screen. Add entries with a click on the list. Here you can edit previous entries and view the lists statistics. If you want to rename the list, press it long and a menu gives you the choice. Finally, you send your journal by the e-mail feature.All spendable items must be selected. If the list outdated or not needed anymore, you simply delete it. Among the information you get help.
- Pleasant Design
- Creating projects / journals (collection of revenues and expenditures)
- Quick recording of revenue and expenditure
- Export of data
- Backup data by export
- Backup notification
- Detailed statistics of revenue and expenditure
- Classify revenue and expenditure
- Integration into the accounting by CSV-files
- Expenditure History



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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