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AcuRhythm is an acupuncture app for classical/traditional acupuncturists interested in chrono-acupuncture. The app calculates 'open' points using various theories including: ,
Nai Zhi Fa, Zi Wu Liu Zhu (Stems & Branches, Midday/Midnight, Adopting Stems *, Partner days *, Husband/Wife *, Same Clan *), Inter-Generation (24 minute open points) *, Wei Qi Clock *, Ling Gui Ba Fa (Eight Techniques of The Mysterious Turtle) and Fei Teng Ba Fa * (Eight Techniques of Soaring). Seasonal points based on the 5 shu points *.
Also, select points based on the I Ching using favorable Hexagrams * and Season Hexagrams *.
AchRhythm has three time settings: Local time, Local time excluding any daylight savings, & Local solar time* calculated using your current longitude*.
Other useful point information is given by Channel, including: Source, Luo, Xi-Cleft, 5 Shu*, Entry/Exit, 5 Element techniques such as the 4 Needle Technique (Korean Sa-Am) *, Dr Richard Tan's 5 Systems * and Dr Chao Chen's Six Channel ZangFu Method *.
Please use the support forum to post any bug reports as I can't respond directly to comments left here.
Future Pro development to include: Propitious/Ominous days and Spirit human dwelling locations based of Stems and Branches.
* Pro version only



Version: 1.3.5

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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