Add Watermark On Photos - date Stamp & GPS Camera

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Add Watermark on Photos - Date Stamp & GPS Camera
Save you happiest moment of life!
Best Add watermark app to capture photos of your next summer tour, print date time &location on pictures. You can change the time date stamp position to top, center and bottom of the picture in the settings screen. You can also save the date time to print on the pictures in the DATE and TIME section. Add Watermark on your photos using watermark photo editor tool app. Choose pictures from gallery and use watermark photo editor tool brush, add text, eraser, and filter, add emoji and stickers in your photos. You can also add test or logo image as watermark!
Using the watermark feature of this app you can add watermarks to your pictures.Add your property text or a brand logo into your pictures, adjust size, transparency, rotation, alignment, save and share it on social media or keep saved into your phone to later view.
This Add watermark on photos is free app to free add watermark, download today and print the date stamp using GPS camera, location with city and country. You can easily remember the photos with this printed location and date timestamp, where it was taken and what was the time. Save your memorable moments in you photo albums.
Free app to add watermark to photos
Auto add watermark by camera, you can also customize the location and date time
Download this free camera add watermark app for android users
One of the best photo editor and add watermark app
It must be in your phone to watermark camera free app to add timestamp & location
Customized options to add your own watermark.
Remove watermark is not available in this app
Enjoy HD photos add watermark app
Add text or image watermarks
Full control of opacity, position and rotation!
Simple and easy to print date stamp camera basic app
Automatic timestamp camera on photos app with location using GPS
Auto add date and timestamp on camera photos
Date and time as photo water mark!
One of the best auto date time stamper app on photos with location @CityName, CountryName 6 Jun 2019, 05:40PM
Download free GPS Camera app and start printing date and timestamp on camera photos
To add free watermark, choose the image from the gallery or take a new picture and then edit using this awesome watermark editor, you can change the picture background, add text or brand logo, change opacity and many more useful features



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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