Age Face - Make me OLD

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Age Face - Make me OLD
Are you curious to grasp, however can you look once you get recent or wish to check your recent face
This Age Face Booth - create ME previous photograph Editor application have all best tools to form your face previous.this app have straightforward 3 steps thereupon you may simply modification your age into will conjointly modification your friends face in maturity
Features Of My Face App :-
1) Drawing on image with option to change its Brush's Color, Size, Opacity and Erasing.
2) Apply Filter Effect on image using Media Effect
3) Pinch to Scale and Rotate views.
4) Undo and Redo for Brush and Views.
5) Deleting Views
6) Adding/Editing Text with option to change its Color with Custom Fonts.
7)Adding Emoji with Custom Emoji Fonts.
8)Adding Images/Stickers
9)Saving Photo after editing.
Key Face App :-
1) Old Photo Frames
2) Old Face Masks
3) Make Me Old
4) Change me Old - Age Face App
5) Age My Face App
We hope you enjoy our face editor app.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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