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Alan Olav Walker (born 24 August 1997) is a Norwegian DJ and record producer, born in Northampton, United Kingdom. Growing up in the digital era, Walker found an early interest in computers, which later turned into a fascination for programming and graphic design. He initially had no musical background. However, he later taught himself by watching tutorials based on music production.
Alan Walker application features offline:
- Interesting songs
- Popular song 2019
- Contains complete album
- Equipped with lyrics
- Easy to use
- smaller size
- Random automatic song
- Automatic repeat
- This application is free or free ...!
- This application is Offline, Save on Internet data.
- Contains dozens of your favorite songs.
- Can be played behind the scenes
- Each song has lyrics.
The following albums and songs from Alan Walker :
1. On my way
2. Lost control
3. Lily
4. Are you lonely
5. D***side
6. Ignite
7. Faded
8. Alone
9. Diamond heart
10. Different world
11. All falls down
12. Legends never die (remix)
13. Tired
14. The spectre
15. Stranger things
16. Sing me to sleep
17. Sheep
18. Hope
19. Force
20. Flying dreams
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Requires: Android4.0 or later


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