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ALARM clock PLUS IS THE MOST FULLY FEATURED AND MOST STABLE ANDROID ALARM CLOCK FREE WITH NO LIMITATIONSquot;quite simply, the best alarm clock Ive ever usedincluding physical alarm clocks of the digital, analog, and windup varieties.quot; Lincoln Spector PCWorld MagazineAll options and features are configurable, spend time with Alarm Clock Plus and set it up exactly how you want itAlarm Clock Plus features include:Unlimited alarmsalarm clock volume independent of system, can even be set to sound while the phone is mutedauto snooze and auto dismissALARM CLOCK VOLUME FADEIN. This feature will slowly increase the volume of the alarm.NAP ALARM allows you to quickly and easily create a new alarm for a given amount of time.MATH ALARM will require a math problem to be solved to dismiss or snooze alarm clock. There are multiple difficulty levels, and the number of problems required to be solved can be configured for both snooze and dismiss independently.MUSIC ALARM lets you wake up to your favorite track or a random song from any artist, album, or playlist on your phone.APP ALARM will launch an application when alarm sounds. For example you can use this to to launch pandora for your alarm.FLASHLIGHT when alarm sounds.Repeating alarmsOne time skip for repeating alarms. Easily skip those alarms on a day off without worrying about having to turn them back on.Shake your device to snooze or dismiss the alarmVariable snooze time allows you to change the duration of the snooze after snooze button is pushed.Define new alarm and nap alarm defaults.Speaks time andor weather before alarm sounds.most settings are independent for each individual alarmSet Alarm Clock Plus or any app to start upon plugintransparent clock widgets, multiple clock sizes, and nap alarm widgetsbackup alarms and alarm clock plus configuration to sdcardExtremely simple use and navigatefully configurable desk clock display, or disable desk clock portion entirely, leaving a simple alarm clock.ADD ALARM CLOCK PLUS TO IGNORE LIST IN task KILLERSKW: alarm, clock, alarm clock, alarm clock plus, alarm clock plusv2, alarmclock, alarmclockplus, acp, alarms, clocks, alarm clocks, alarmclock, alarmclock, alarm.clock, alarmclock, ALARM CLOCK



Version: 5.2

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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