Alarm Clock Alarm TM

4.5 (21)

Productivity | 7.2MB


alarm clock Alarm TM is alarm app with Flashlight Lazy Alarm, wake up alarm app alarm clock.
alarm clock Alarm TM app with Stop Watch with laps , Timer counting app
Unlimited Alarms with Flash Light
3 ways for Select Alarm Ring Tones
Built in custom Alarm Ring Tones
Custom App theme
Built in custom Alarm Ring Tones
Calculator for lazy Alarm mathematical calculations.
Lazy Alarm with Math and Captcha with Easy Medium and Hard level.
Custom Alarm Snooze and fixed snooze for to do notes
Alarm With Timer and Stop Watch .
Alarm TM alarm clock App With Lazy Alarm
Color Notes with Alarm
Alarm TM alarm clock will alarm at all when you need at a specified time!
alarm clock Alarm TM Features:
● Alarm TM Fastest setup method.
● Alarm TM enabling/disabling with one touch.
● Set a message for each alarm.
● Alarm TM sorted in the order they will ring.
● Repeat alarms every week on certain days.
● Select the alarm sound you want from all your phone's ring tones, songs and sounds.
● Customize pause duration..
● Wake up gently while volume and vibration increases slowly.
● It's free!



Version: 7.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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