All Blood Disease and Treatment A-Z

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All blood disease and treatment A-Zapp is for all blood disorders,disease diagnosis,blood check up,treatment and prevention.
Blood information app on blood diseases affecting red blood cells,white blood cells,platelets,plasma,signs,symptoms and diagnosis ,risk factors,disease prediction,and disease treatment app.
Blood disorder A to Z is different from fungal infection in skin,stomach infections,fungal infection treatment,stomach disorders,stomach diseases or heart disease treatment.This app is for blood disease information,disease and causes,nursing care plan for all diseases,disease symptoms and its medicine,diseases and treatment drugs,laboratory and diagnostic test.
A medical app for sign symptoms diagnosis and treatment of all disease of the blood and fungal infection treatment.
Features of blood disease app;
White Blood Cells:-
*Aplastic Anaemia
*HIV/AIDS(hiv test,cd4 count,hiv treatment)
*Rheumatoid arthritis
*Myelodysplastic syndromes
Red Blood Cells:-
*Iron-deficiency anemia
*Anemia of chronic disease
*Pernicious anemia
*Aplastic anemia
*Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
*Sickle cell anemia
*Polycythemia vera
*Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
*Von willebrand disease
*Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
*Essential thrombocytothemia
*Von willebrand disease
*Hypercoagulable state
*Deep vein thrombosis(DVT)
*Disseminated intravascular coagulation(DIC)
Some blood diseases can be transmitted through blood donation,sexual intercourse (hiv/aids),or through coughing(tuberculosis).
Blood test app(blood check up).
This blood test are applicable. Blood group test,blood pressure test,blood sugar test etc.
Do not rely on fake apps like blood group test with finger,blood pressure checker,blood pressure and sugar checker,blood pressure app,blood sugar test fingerprint,blood scanner app,blood pressure monitor,blood group scanner,blood group test with finger scanner,blood group test with finger real,disease scanner prank,blood group tester,blood pressure tester,genuine blood pressure checker,hiv/aids test,hiv test fingerprint,hiv/aids finger test,white blood cell counter,blood pressure calculator,disease scanner prank,etc.Mobile fake apps can not conduct a clinical examination(clinical lab test) since blood disease like deep vein thrombosis(DVT),Thelassemia,sickle cell anemia,HIV/AIDS,Rheumatoid arthritis,hemophilia,aplastic anemia,tuberculosis,lupus,etc.
Blood test such as blood pressure check,blood group,white blood cell counter(Wbc counter),disease scanner prank,disease test,CD4 count,hiv test,blood sugar test,biospy,and other clinical skills cannot be conducted on mobile devices.
App for diseases and treatment drugs for blood disease (e.g thelassemia) and a blood disease and treatment dictionary(blood disease scan).
Some blood disease can affect the skin(lupus) to resemble skin diseases/skin disorders/skin infection.
All Blood Disease and Treatment A-Z is about:
*Disease symptoms and its medicine
*Disease sign and symptoms
*Blood test group(blood scan,blood screen)
*Blood Disease symptoms matcher
*Diagnosis and treatment of disease
*Blood diseases and treatment drugs
*Blood Disease prediction
*Blood Disease information
*Nursing care plan for all disease
*Blood disease and causes
*Disorder and disease dictionary for blood test
*Body Disease scanner
*Laboratory and diagnostic test
*Symptoms and diagnosis
*Blood pediatric disease and treatment A-Z
This is a medical app for sign symptoms diagnosis and treatment of disease.Provides information on laboratory and diagnostic test,medical examination,pediatric disease and treatment,disease prediction,blood diseases and treatment drugs,disease and causes,nursing care plan for all disease,diagnosis and treatment of disease.



Version: 7.4.5p

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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