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It's very very important for all children (girls), women and sometimes men to know everything about vaginal infections and their solutions. Children should be educated at early ages about their meaning, causes, symptoms, prevention and treatments to help them prevent future problems and prevent living their future life in agony.
This application Contain full details (overview, Causes , risk factors, sign,symptoms, Complications, home remedies, treatments and prevention of each infection and other problems.Some of the infections & problems included are as follows:
- Bacterial Vaginosis
- Trachomonas Infection
- Vaginal Yeast Infections
- Vaginal Warts
- Vaginal Bleeding
- Vaginal Discharge
- Vaginal Dryness
- Vaginal Odor
- Vaginal Pain
- Vaginal Cancer
This application provides all the necessary information you may need to know about your vaginal infections & their solutions The text are short,precise, and in simple language to help everyone understand.This app will surely, help you to know all you need and live a happy life.
You can live a healthy and happier life like everyone. You just need to know how to and this application will help you, surely.
Don't forget to share your suggestion,views, requests and advises via our email. Also DON'T FORGET to rate our application. Both will help us improving the applications timely.
Thank you & Stay happy & Healthy ! !! !!!.



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