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AllergoBox help people with allergies or food intolerance to identify products everyday and recipes compatible with their dietary restrictions!
If you are hit by one or more food allergies, you probably head in time spent watching a ray looking for a product for you .... AllergoBox is here to help!
It is very simple ! Educate your allergies and intolerances in your AllergoBox profile and browse the product categories that interest you. Only products compatible with food allergies or intolerances appear! Cakes and biscuits, breakfast, baby food, desserts, ready meals, drinks, etc ... all supermarket shelves are present!
Even easier, simply scan the product bar code and AllergoBox tells you if it is compatible with your dietary restrictions! Ideal for check while shopping!
IMPORTANT: In addition to the products regularly added or removed ranges, trademarks do sometimes change the composition of their products. Through its partnerships with major brands that directly provide AllergoBox information on their products, AllergoBox allows users to have the most reliable and updated information on ingredient lists products *!
-------The recipes-------
It is not always easy to cook when one or more ingredients should be avoided. Allergobox offers hundreds of specially adapted recipes using milk substitute products, eggs, ingredients containing gluten or other allergens!
Appetizers, entrees, desserts, baby recipe AllergoBox is a gold mine to vary your meals!
Thanks to its users, the number of available revenues growing every day! Feel free to offer your recipe ideas by writing to
The other ------- ------- AllergoBox partnerships
AllergoBox is recognized for its role in assisting food allergic and intolerant. AllergoBox is indeed supported by the scientific societies of pediatrics and allergy as well as the main civil society actors in the field: AFDIAG (French Association of Gluten Intolerant to), the Asthma and Allergy Association, and AFPRAL (Association French for the Prevention of Allergies).
-------*Terms of use-------
The information provided by mobile AllergoBox not in any way constitute a medical consultation. Compatibility pictograms used on mobile AllergoBox beside each product are given for information by the user. The only official information is that appearing in the list of ingredients of the physical product package.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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