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✔ If you're considering taking US citizenship exam our app will will be of great help since it is all of the information required to take the exam that you requested the USCIS, inside you will find a review of digital citizenship where you can practice your knowledge with 100 possible questions that you present in the test of the USCIS,
✔ American citizenship is a big step in your life is why we have given the task of creating a quality product that meets your expectations and that really helps to practice before the test, the best of all is that the examination American citizenship is free and is in Spanish and English.
✔ This American citizenship exam is free and can enjoy it at all times and be able to practice in your exam prior to taking your spare time, is at sea recent version May 2016 and we have made sure that it has the correct information.
✔ We know that of those 100 questions only will present 10, but are taken to roasting, which must answer 6 correctly for approval, if not approve your citizenship test will have to pay again to present it again and that's what we want to avoid.
✔ It is important to fulfill your civic duties and rights, so the uscis helps you you can present your us citizenship test the uscis app will help you fulfill your civic duty. In our app you will find the best us citizenship 2016, I also liked our u.s. citizenship exam review, 100 questions and answers for the u s citizenship help you improve your conosimientos facing the us citizenship test free.
✔ The best citzenship test, enjoy!
It includes:
★Examen of American Citizenship in Spanish
★Test US Citicenship Inglés
★Himno United States (With Voice and Instrumental)
★Social Redes USCIS
★Contacto for your suggestions
★ The form of 100 questions with answers
★us Citizenship test*
★u.s. citizenship exam review
★us citizenship test prep



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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