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It is an artist tool of the calligraphy style. Tracks of the line drawn by the finger are analyzed, and the line of the calligraphy style is displayed automatically. The detection of quot;Stopquot;, quot;Splashquot;, and quot;Brush offquot; has been detected from the slide speed of the finger. quot;Splashquot; and quot;Brush offquot; are converted at the speed more than constancy. The advertisement is displayed in this tool. When there are an opinion and a demand lt;gt; ..information of it to versionAndroid 2.2 or moreIt confirms the operation with quot;REGZA Phone T01Cquot; and Android 2.2. FunctionAll functions can be used from the menu button. BLACK: It draws with a usual, black japanese ink. RUBRIC: It draws in vermilion for the correction. SAVE: The file is preserved. sdcardPictureAndroCalligraphyEXIT: AndroCalligraphy is ended. The advertisement is made nondisplay for 3 minutes with the button under the advertisement. PermissionTo use the following functions, the authority is acquired. File writing function: Access to SD cardAdvertising display: Telecommunication facility and positional acquisition function

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Version: 0.5b

Requires: Android 2.2 or later


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