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Intended for all those who are hobby cook or even people who are learning to cook.
This is an application that contains a set of various fish recipes from a variety of sources.
- Recipes with ingredients easily accessible
- It is easy to be made
- With simple language
- Free app
- Offline (no need internet connection)
Some examples of a list of recipes:
"Spicy Fish Recipe Semur"
"Prescription Pindang Bandeng Ketchup"
"Yellow Seasoning Fish Simple Recipes"
"Catfish Recipes Asam Pedas"
"Tuna Fish Stew Recipe"
"Recipe Sauteed Salmon"
"Recipe Pindang Goldfish Sunda"
"Tuna Recipe Kuah Santan"
"Recipe Spicy Calamari Asam Manis"
"Bloated Fish Recipe Seasoning Iris"
"Prescription Gurame Goreng Bumbu Acid Yellow"
"Fried Shrimp Recipe Flour"
"Shrimp Sauteed Teriyaki Sauce Recipe"
"Recipe Salted Mackerel Fish Leather Oseng"
"Fish Head Stew Recipe"
"Fish Soup Recipe Gurame"
"Fish Recipes Asam Manis"
"Fish Recipes Salem Tomato Seasoning"
"Calamari Sauce Recipe for Spice"
"Bloated Fish Recipe Seasoning Yellow"
"Recipes Snapper Fish Sambal Balado"
and many others
If there are bugs, feedback or criticism, do not hesitate to contact us via email for future improvements.
Hopefully this app useful, thank you.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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