Aneka Resep Masakan Arab

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Intended for all those who are hobby cook or even people who are learning to cook.
Aimed untukpecinta arab in Indonesian cuisine.
- Recipes with ingredients easily accessible
- It is easy to be made
- With simple language
- Free app
- Offline (no need internet connection)
Some examples of a list of recipes:
"Prescription Arab murtabak"
"Prescription Nasi Arab Kebuli"
"Prescription Nasi Arab Kabsa"
"Sambosa Recipe Beef"
"Typical Arabic Shawarma Recipe"
"Baking Recipes Arab Asidah"
"Beef Ribs Recipe Oriental Typical Arab"
"Recipe Soups Arab Goat Meat"
"Vegetable Recipe Chicken Soup"
"Prescription Yakhnee Samak (fish casserole)"
"Special Recipe Shawbat Bayd Bil-kufta"
"Prescription Machboos or fooga Arab"
"Recipe Lahem Mishwi"
"Prescription Chebeh Rubyan (Ball Shrimp Middle East)"
"Arab Hamburger Recipe Kafta"
"Bread Recipe Maryam Saudi Arabia"
"Porridge Recipe Arab"
and many others
If there are bugs, feedback or criticism, do not hesitate to contact us via email for future improvements.
Hopefully this app useful, thank you.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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