Animal Insta Face Changer Morphing : Beauty Face

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- Combine faces: switch your face to other face
ZooFace:-) The most amazing application for beauty face changer morphing & eyes morphing swap!!
Zoo Animal Face Morph -> convert your face in to animal face with magical face morphing photo || gif animation. modification your face in to animal additionally with live photo. try the incredible face morph and turn your self in to animated Animal Insta Face Changer Morphing.
Features of Animal Insta Face Changer Morphing app...
✳ There are five function use : face off, face morph, part face, split effect, face blend.
✳ Huge collection of animals faces like Zebra, Sheep, Rabbit, Pig, Monkey, Hippopotamus, Horse, Elephant, Gorilla, Goat, Fox, Donkey, Dog, Cat, Lion, Tiger, Wolf and more......
✳ Aim the eyes、nose and mouth by using your finger.
✳ Adjust animal face's range by the bar.
✳ Huge collection of animals animal eyes and coming more.
✳ Naturally change face in to animal.
✳ Auto animal face morphing.
How to Usage this application:-)
- Choose your Picture from gallery or capture new photo.
- Select the animal for face morphing
- Apply animal face morph for selected photo
- Create GIF animal or Photo morph using the editor.
- Save the animal morph as GIF or Photo.
- share your GIF animal morph.
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You can make the animal face easily!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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