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When this application was created and was first released, we have carefully prepared and prepared everything we need to become the best Anime Girl wallpaper application this month. We "SUHUDESA" make a simple application in the form of Anime Girl Wallpaper to be used as Wallpaper on your android smartphone to make it more beautiful, attractive, and comfortable to use. The use of the Anime Wallpaper application is very easy, you just have to choose which wallpaper image assets you think are good, then you just apply them to be wallpaper. The main advantage of this simple Wallpaper Anime Girl app is located on "All asset wallpapers available offline", so you don't need an internet connection anymore if you need any of the Anime Wallpaper HD apps at any time. We mention with the term "Only once download can be used forever".
Anime (Japanese: ア ニ メ, [anime] is an animation from Japan drawn by hand or using computer technology. The word anime is an abbreviation of "animation" in English, which refers to all types of animation. specific to mention all the animations produced in Japan, however, it does not rule out the possibility that anime can be produced outside of Japan, anime itself has a variety of techniques and types because it is actually an animated work itself. , slice of life, comedy, mecha, romance, sports, horror, etc. Anime Girl Wallpaper is an android application for phones and tablets that contains anime images for girls, women, women, cute, cute, and cute that allow you to set each image as wallpaper, we will always update the Wallpaper Anime Girl application to make it better l bro, so wait for our next release. These are some searches that can help to find our applications: Wallpapers, Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers, Anime HD Wallpapers, Anime Wallpapers, Anime Foundation, Animation Wallpapers, Japanese Anime, Anime Offline Wallpapers, Anime Wallpapers, Anime Girl Wallpapers, Wallpapers Anime Girl, Anime Girl, Girl Wallpaper, anime girl wallpaper.
Disclaimer "All image assets that we provide are licensed free, we use them for the purposes of aesthetics or mere beauty. If one or more image assets that we provide are in violation and are not suitable to be displayed by the copyright owner, do not hesitate to contact us via email:, we will immediately solve the problem.
"Hopefully this application can be useful for all of you".



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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