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✫ Are you tired of the dull, generic “screen locker” on your phone which you share with millions of other devices? Well, now you can make your screen lock appearance much more attractive with the ✦ App Lock Fingerprint Prank ✦! This is a futuristic “lock screen simulator” that will provide your phone with a state-of-the-art security system. All you need to do is set it up, and place your finger on the locked display to simulate a real “fingerprint scanner”. This ultra-modern “lock screen app” is appropriate for all ages and genders. Oh, and on top of all the cool features it offers you, it's completely free! So, no need for hesitation! Just tap on that Download button, and this fantastic ✦ App Lock Fingerprint Prank ✦ will be yours. It is by far the most awesome, most contemporary way of preserving your files.
How to set up the “fingerprint screen lock”:
1. Check the box which says 'Enable lock screen';
2. Enter your preferred password, then do it again to confirm it;
3. Customize your screen the way you want it!
➜ Pick your favorite “lock wallpaper” and embellish your locked screen with it;
➜ Choose from the wide variety of fantastic backgrounds;
➜ Set a 12/24 hour system.
➜ Show or hide the date.
➜ Display the battery life if you prefer.
➜ Let your device be pleasing to the eye and safe simultaneously!
✫ As magnificent and appealing as this advanced fingerprint simulator looks on the screen, bear in mind, it is above all a protection tool! It is a twenty-first-century “fingerprint app locker” that will provide security for your pics, documents or messages. No one uninvited will be able to access them Along with stylish backgrounds, it will make sure your data is kept safe from intruders. Hackers recently developer their skills basically to perfection... Even they have no chance with this app! Download this safeguard lock screen, set your “app lock password” and you can sleep safely knowing everything is well protected. The fingerprint might be a simulation rather than the actual thing, but that does not mean that its screen locker characteristics are incapacitated!
✫ The ✦ App Lock Fingerprint Prank ✦ is without a doubt a nice app, but do not forget it is only a “fingerprint lock simulator”, so, unfortunately, you cannot use it as a real scanner. However, you can use this to your advantage! Why not play some tricks on your friends? You can do this for instance: tell a friend that a brand new, trailblazing app just got out. It reads your fingermark, and opens your main menu once it recognizes it as yours! Just like those sci-fi movies! If you see them getting exhilarated, you can show them how it works. Just pretend to use a real scanner by placing your finger on the screen of your device. When you go inside the main screen, they will be perplexed! And, you get to decide whether you will show them what the catch is, or keep them guessing for some time!
✫ So, there you have it! You have all the information you need about the ✦ App Lock Fingerprint Prank ✦. It looks phenomenal, protects well, and can be used to prank someone! Download this “free fingerprint lock” now, and get rid of your boring lock screen! You will surely make everyone green with envy with this extraordinary application!

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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