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APP Lock TM app can lock Gallery Call sms chats contacts mail lock end task and game
whats lock app lock provides facebook app lock, messenger lock , Contacts lock , mail aaplock aap lock
APP Lock TM App Lock Tm Finger Print Lock aap lock new 2018 lock aaplock aaplocker
With Finger Print Lock
Note : This app uses the Device Administrator permission
For The BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission
This permission for Prevent uninstalling apps for unauthorized access for safety break of App Lock Tm .After you enable this advanced Protection, nobody can uninstall AppLock without password. If you want to uninstall it, please disable Uninstall Prevention first from
Gallery lock , SMS lock , Settings lock, browser lock , video app locker , chat lock , game lock , and any app you want to lock. Protecting your privacy.
★ PIN lock has random keyboard, random keyboard ensure more security.
★ APP Lock TM has Photo Vault, you can move photos from gallery to photo vault.
★ APP Lock has Video Vault, you can move videos from gallery to video vault.
app lock Protect Your hole Mobile.applock is best key lock, simple, quick.
app lock application to prevent others are free to buy, uninstall applications.
APP Lock TM APP lock Features:
With Finger Print Lock
applock take snapshot silently if any body enter wrong password ★★
applock take snapshot silently if any body enter wrong pattern ★★★
Lock apps with Pin Code lock, pattern lock
Security Answer and Question if forget password.
Photo vault, hide pictures
Video vault, hide videos
Well designed Themes Color change able Theme.
Hide applock icon
Advanced Protection: prevent applock being killed by task killer
Random keyboard Layout : prevent people peeping pin code
applock enable/disable applock with one tap
Lock incoming calls
Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids
Lock Google Play to prevent unothrized perches.
Low memory usage.
Power saving mode to save batter
Protect your emails, SMS, call log
Move photo/video to secret vault
app lock Prevent uninstalling apps from all sources.
2 types of password: passcode and pattern lock
The latest applock on Google Play Store
Hide your pictures by locking gallery and photo apps.
lock and safe following 3rd party social apps and there media
WhatsApp, imo, Facebook, Viber, snap chat, skype, Loker
How To Use :
Note : This app uses the Device Administrator permission
1 How to change password?
ANS: Open applock, Protect, Unlock Settings
2 i am hide applock icon, how to open applock now ?
Ans:Enter #*password in your dial pad, and tap call button.
if PIN code is 8899 then type #*8899 in your phone dailer,
and dail call button.
3 How to stop other people uninstall applock ?
Ans:Please enable Advanced Protection in Protect of applock, so nobody can uninstall or kill applock without password.
4 How to uninstall applock ?
Ans:After you enable Advanced Protection, nobody can uninstall applock without password. If you want to uninstall it, please disable Advanced Protection first.
5 i am forgot my password, How to find it ?
Ans:Update to the latest version first. And then tap applock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lock page, tap
'forgot password'.
1. enter security answer, click 'reset password'.
2. Security email: click 'send code to security email', input reset code, click 'reset password'.
6 I can not move in/out my photo in the vault.
Ans:Please check internal storage space, if only 10% free ,system will not let us to move file to vault.
7Account Type APP Lock TM
Ans:There are 2 types of account in APP Lock TM. You can choose it in Account Center. It is in the left menu of applock.
1. Premium: paid, premium features , No Ad.(coming soon)
2. With Google Ads: free with all premium features.



Version: 13.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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