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This is real finger print locker, you can lock your favorite apps using finger lock. This is not fake locker which you see in market.Reached 50,000+Downloads Thank you all
Presently, fingerprint locker is only supported for All Marshmallow and Samsung devices with Finger-print Hardware.
Features which make Finger Print Locker best:
1. Locks apps using Fingerprint Sensor.
2. Fast.
3. Lite weight
4. Uses less battery.
Please let us know what are the features you want to see us in future versions of out app.
1. Fingerprint locker doesn't work with my phone.
Ans. For this locker to work you need hardware support and android OS should be Marshmallow or greater. You can use PIN lock for other devices.
2. Locker doesn't work some times.
Ans. Check if accessibility service is turned on for out app.
Supported devices:
* All android devices with fingerprint hardware and OS version above marshmallow.
* All Samsung devices that have fingerprint sensor.
* This app uses the Device Administrator permission for enabling uninstall protection of this app.
* This app uses Accessibility services.
Please mail to us for the feedback and features you want to see in future release.

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Version: Beta 4.4

Requires: Android 4 or later


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