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Hello Friends
Use Appus a voice assistant App and give rest to your finger .Be a Boss of Your Device with the help of appus app control your device with your voice. Command your device to do deferent task such as Switch to silent /normal/vibrate mode ,Turn on/off Wi-Fi, Turn on/off Bluetooth, Open App etc.
Appus is an a voice assistant app which provides the various functionality to perform many task at just one command. User can play any song of any language with just its name user just has to say “play love song” and appus will play that song according to it’s name. Even user can type song name and search it. Not just name user can play any video by its name with command ”play video name”.
Read it Through Camera .
This Feature of Appus allow user to read any text from image or text written in paper. User has say “read it” command and put device camera towards the image or paper and app will scan that text and it will read it for user .Even if user want to save it as text file than user can do this .
Here user can set reminder my just using “Remind me at 6 pm or remind me after 1 hour “ command After this appus will ask user to provide title user can provide title by “title is birthday gift” command And appus will remind user at specified time with given time. Or with the help of UI also he can set reminder.
To set alarm user has to use “Wake up me at 6 am “ command and app will set alarm,or with UI User can set alarm with song.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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