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Using the Arbeigo app, you have the job at your fingertips
You have almost certainly tried to hire a worker to address a problem at home, a cleaner for a spring clean, or a gardener to maintain your garden or sow some grass or trim the apple tree. You have also probably experienced that the result is not always how you would have liked it to be- most often due to misunderstandings or lack of co-ordination.With the Arbeigo app, you have your task at your fingertips, so that you can continually communicate with and follow what your workers are doing. You know what time the workers arrive, what they should be doing, and if you need to contact them, you can do this via the app. The company can also do this if they are unsure what you have agreed. They can write or send a picture via the app to you and ask you directly.
An easy and user approved offer
There are many companies out there that are not correctly registered or not authorised to carry out the work that they do. Unfortunately, there arealso some companies where the quality of the work does not live up to thestandard that many of us expect.At Arbeigo, we always make sure that the companies that are associated with the app are VAT registered and are verified, and we prefer it if they
are also member of the guarantee organisations and trade organisations. The companies that you are matched to when you start a project, are exclusively rated on other users’ experiences of them. You can be completely sure that there is no cheating involved in the matching process between you and the companies - and that the project will always be of a high standard.



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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