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Tank Fighting
Are you fond of playing tank games? Have you always been fascinated with the idea of driving a tank? If the answer to these questions is yes, we have the ultimate game for you. Tank Fighting is an action-packed game that promises tons of fun, thrill, and adventure.
This game has all the features that are required to make an action-packed and adventure-filled game.
This is a battle game that requires the player to simulate a tank and defeat the enemy camps. To make the game more challenging, enemy truck will fire at your tank from all the directions. Not only you will have to defeat them by aiming towards them but try your best to escape from their fires as well.
How to Play?
You will find different buttons on the game screen that will help you to perform different actions i.e. changing the direction of the tank, moving it, and firing. There will be an aiming pointer as well that will help you to fire at the right direction.
Exceptional Visuals and Graphics
A premium factor that sets this game apart from all other battlefield games out there is its exceptional visual and graphics. The environment of the battlefield gives a realistic touch and feel. Furthermore, realistic tank and fire sound effects are used to give a boost to the gameplay.
Due to all these features, Tank Fighting is surely going to become favorite tank game players.

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Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android 4 or later



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