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FnAQuiz is an endeavour from ArthaVidhya to help Commerce Graduates understand their knowledge level in finance and accounting. The quiz is designed to measure their preparedness to attend an Interview.
This quiz contains multiple choice questions based on Accounting, Analytical skills and expertise in Microsoft office, with respect to finance and accounting work in an office.
Accounting and analytical questions in the initial levels are based on subjects studied in the college. Moving forward the questions include job based scenarios too.
As Microsoft office is a commonly used software in finance and accounting, questions are based on its application / usage.
About ArthaVidhya…
ArthaVidhya, a Skill development initiative of ePalmleaf ITES Pvt. Ltd, designed by a team of Chartered accountants, is class apart from the ordinary. Its flagship skill development program titled ‘Business Accounting Processes’ (BAP) is designed keeping in view the technology-driven youth of today. It aims to equip the ordinary student with the exposure to the practical accounting world and thereby helping them achieve the employability levels. The program is designed to educate students about the entire life cycle of commercial transactions that takes place in any organization.
ArthaVidhya is a skill development partner of National Skill Development Corporation of India – now a ministry
Why this program?
The current education system focuses on the practical side only for science domain but not for the arts and commerce domains. ArthaVidhya focuses on the practical side of Accounting which is very relevant for employment of commerce students. ArthaVidhya works on simulated screens to make students understand transactions such as banking of cheques / transferring money from one account to another / payment of taxes / payroll management etc. which are not covered in our academia curriculum. The course can be a practical training for the accounting subject and can help students skill themselves better and be employable as they pass out of college.
Who are the Audience?
Any job seeker in the Accounting domain or any commerce background graduate or any student undergoing graduation is the right audience for doing the course.
How is ArthaVidhya Delivered?
The program adopts the concept of “Learn by doing”. Hence the system of Virtual office is introduced which is PRACTICAL, INTERACTIVE and JOB ORIENTED. The course starts with the student creating a virtual company and setting up office along with all the commercial elements such as customers, suppliers, employees, bank accounts and all other statutory requirements. The student is then required to perform transactions in a set of processes that any business enterprise encounters in the ordinary course of business.
To stimulate the knowledge quest, the program is designed as a game, wherein the student needs to complete the previous process first to unlock the next process and similarly complete quizzes to reach the next level.
Where can you do the program?
The program is designed to be 100% online and any student can do the course from anywhere and at any convenient time. The infrastructure required is a PC with an internet. There is no need to install any software as it is completely web based and the entire course needs to be done using a Google chrome browser.
National Occupational Standards:
ArthaVidhya course corresponds to the National Occupation Standards (NOS) prescribed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the corresponding Qualification Packs or Job roles identified by the Sector skill Councils of NSDC and fall within the NSQF standards.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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