Asan Namaz

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Aasan namaz is a basic and very useful application to learn and understand how to offer prayers.This is a complete guide of Namaz.
This app contain:
-- Emaan ka Bayan
-- Taharat Ka Bayan
-- Wazo ka Tariqa
-- Gussal ka Tariqa
-- Tayammum Ka Bayan
-- Namaz Ka Bayan
-- Namaz Key Masail
-- Namaz Ka Tariqa
-- Namaz-e-Janaz Ka Tariqa
-- Namaz-e-Eiden Ka Tariqa
* This is physical book exist in market. and this is clone of this book, if you found any error in this book as compared to physical book, please email us..



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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