Asante Twi Bible

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Asante Twi Bible
Audio files can be played over and over. easyTwi makes learning the Akan language easy and fast. Have you always wanted to learn the Akan Twi language of Ghana and not know how or where to start? Well wonder no more!!! easyTwi introduces foreigners and other non-native speakers of Akan to the learning of the Akan (Twi) language which is the most widely spoken local language in Ghana. This is the Holy Bible in Twi : Asante language. This is a FREE bible application to empower you spiritually through your walk with God. twi bible audio Having been written in the an easy to understand language this is the Bible app for everyone complete with all the books of the holy scripture. The Christian faith is based on the Holy Bible. A key doctrine in our Christian Faith is the Inerrancy of the Scripture meaning the Bible in its original and accurate state without error. twi and english translation ASANTE TWI BIBLE IS A FREE APP. It comes loaded with the bible so that you can read it without internet connection. This is spacial app.Hear male and female native Asante Twi speakers say several words and practice along.



Version: 6

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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