Automatic full charge battery alarm

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Auto full battery charge app helps to save battery from overcharging. Over charge protection is very important for battery life.
Free battery app will notify when battery level reaches to 100% by alarm and by showing notification. The free battery overheating protector application to extend battery life.
Battery Alert Android. It alerts you with audio and also with vibration when your phone is fully charged.
Full Battery Notification Alert. Battery app will show the notification when battery charged to 100%. Battery notification will also show battery temprature and voltage information.
Ringing Alarm Tone. Set ring tone of your own choice with vibration, alarm tone will ring automatically when battry charging reached to 100%.
• Ringtone Alert
• Vibration Alert
• Adjustable volume of ringtone
• Full battery charge notification
• Simple and easy to use.

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What's New Automatic full charge battery alarm

New UI
Remove Crashes
Improve Performance



Version: 5.0.0

Requires: Android 5.0 or later


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