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Technological developments today take place more quickly, sophisticated and highly capable, thus strengthening the computer network is a necessity that can not be avoided anymore. In line with the development of information technology, Agency of Research, Development and Innovation is continuously trying to improve the information flow kelitbangan quickly and accurately through the development of information technology.
Board of Research, Development and Innovation Environment and Forestry is a supporting element which is subordinate and accountable to the Minister of Environment and Forestry. BLI KLHK has the task of conducting the research, development and innovation in the field of environment and forestry, including the dissemination of the results of research, development and innovation to both internal and external users Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
Therefore, the necessary media to disseminate and publish the results of R & D to a user that is through
site is one tool in disseminating information BLI official R & D and activities of BLI. The site is expected to also be a means of science and technology transfer to users, whether institutional / government agencies, business groups, non-governmental organizations, as well as to the general public, it is also one form of public disclosure forms and services and accountability to the public.



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