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This app helps you practice your Chinese reading for HSK levels 1 to 4 with a fun quiz game. You can practice in english, spanish and now german (German only for HSK1 and HSK2 at the moment)
Prepare your HSK exams vocabulary !
Now you can select simplified or traditional character set.
Feedback appreciated
- Added Traditional chars.
- Added Example phrase in word detail screen.
- 2013 official wordlist for HSK exams.
- Translations fixed. English in particular had a lot of errors, all words have been revised.
- Some minor bugs removed.
- Search. You can now search for HSK words.
- Tone colors for Hanzi. Select a color scheme to see hanzi in diferent colors depending on their tone.
- New quiz algorithm, when you fail it insists with words related to the one you failed
- Train mode fixed.
- Related words navigation. From any list of words, taping on the chinese word opens a new screen with details for that word and lists of related words for each of its characters.
- Fixed styles for small devices.
- HSK 4!! English and Spanish. (Let me know if you find an error in any translation)
- See last result in quiz mode at the bottom of the screen
- Mark words from any wordset as Favorite in List Mode and use marked words for your quiz or training.
- Now you can hide Pinyin in Quiz mode
- Added German for HSK1 and HSK2 (Thanks to Jürgen Maier)
- Fixed some english translations. (Thanks to many who contacted me to give the right translations)
- Improved perfomance
- Access preferences menu form main screen touching HSK level or on Language labels.
- Review correct and wrong words in Quiz Mode by touching them in the green and red side columns.
- Red column in Quiz Mode is now filled with the wrong options you press during the quiz.
- Real pinyin
- Select language for words (English, Spanish)
- Select words level for quiz, train and wordlist (HSK1, HSK2, HSK3)
- New icons, style and layouts
- Training mode
- New Wordlist (250 words)
- Asks more often for the words you answer wrong
- Haptic punishment(Vibrates when wrong)



Version: 2.7

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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