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Sweety is the fastest and easiest dating app ever, meet a lot of interesting people and connect with ease. Sweety is one among the top tending dating apps of the year. More and more people are joining the Sweety community.
*Fastest growing dating app with more than 1 million users
*The only app with highest girls to boys ratio
Don't wait, just Text!
With Sweety finding a date is way easier. You don't need to wait until you get a match. All you need is a drop of courage to text someone and a pinch of humour to impress your crush. say hi to anyone, chat, video call or voice call anyone you like.
Easy sign-up :
-Just one simple step will take you to Sweety world of dating.
Global dating:
-Meet strangers & Random Beauties from all across the world.
Have access to face call and regular call:
-Break the ice with video call no more awkward silences.
Compatibility Matching:
-Our advanced social algorithms will find matches based on your interests and locations
Find love near you:
-find singles ready to mingle near you.
Love International :
-find love across borders meet foriegn beauties and find love
Instant translate:
-language is not a problem anymore chat with anyone in any language.
Unlimited Matches:
-Unlimited matches infinite friends countless possibilities. Life won't be boring anymore
Download Sweety for free on Google Play to meet your love.



Version: 1.5.6

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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