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BasalBodyTemperature Record Lite is an application that manages your basal body temperature.
[Basal body temperature]
List of basal body temperature can be searched.In addition, new registration and correction are possible.(Body temperature inputs with "3654". It is displayed with "36.54".)
Displays the basal body temperature calendar.It also predicts the day of ovulation and menses.
Body temperature graph is displayed with the specified date and date of menstruation.
Body weight graph displays the date specified.
Data can be initialized.
You can choose the side screen layout.
You can choose the initial display screen at startup.(a menu screen, a list screen, a calendar screen, a graph screen)
You can choose the color scheme of the screen.(Pink, yellow, green, blue, black)
You can choose the button color standards and color.
You can choose to graph the number of days.(40 days to 100 days)
The backup feature to save the data to an SD card, you can restore the data from the SD card.
■ Menstrual function prediction
It is calculated from the menstrual cycle average of 6 times in the past to predict menstruation.
Ovulation prediction will be two weeks before menstruation forecast day.
■ Graph scaling function
Scaling of the graph is now available from the model of the Android2.2 or more.



Version: 2.0.3

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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