Baseball Steal Sign Predictor

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Predict baseball steal and no steal signs by entering a coaches gesture sequences. After enough sequences have been recorded, a prediction of the steal gesture code will be generated.
Getting Started
- Start by mapping the coaches gestures to a letter. To do this, click 'Encode', enter the gesture names. Once complete, tap 'Encode' again. Letters should now be mapped to a gesture. E.g. A = 'Tap Head', B = 'Touch Nose', C = 'Touch Ear'.
- Simply enter the gesture sequences as it happens. E.g. BABC = Touch Nose, Tap Head, Touch Nose, Touch Ear.
- Click 'Steal' or 'Not Steal' to record the outcome of the gesture sequence.
- Next time you enter a gesture sequence, a prediction of 'Steal' or 'Not Steal' will be generated. The more sequences along with their outcomes you record, the higher the accuracy of the prediction.



Version: 1.0.5

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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