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This map is available for free download internet connection required.This map will help you find your way with ease. It features an intuitive design and tons of useful information about Healthcare City Dubai.Through the fast navigation you get simple and clear information about the location, as well as pictures, phone, fax, weblink and email, including the complete infrastructure. All this is done in a simple and user friendly manner.Our app is designed from ground up to be a fast reader for large maps including future Developments.We have developed the function of selections drop down menus to allow for easy navigation to help findselect categories or points of interests and Pop up Windows to help explain or show the servicelocation in its best light.Simple, intuitive user interfaceUse in both portrait and landscape format possibleAlways up to date mapFunctionalitysearch Enter a name or any part of a name and hit return enter. The map will now do a string search for you and display all objects containing this letter string. The one with information is marked with an i and the one without with a house and will show the location only.The search extends to texts that are on the map itself also, it means you will get also results from the map itself, and this one is marked with text in front of the name.CATEGORYThe categories are created to allow an easier selecting.Whatever you are looking for, just open the appropriate category and browse through the entries. If you choose the name of an object additional information may display in a popup panel press on View Map and the map will jump to the location of the object and the object will be marked.Whether you are a casual visitor or a long term resident, you will find this map app to be one of the most practical tools.Thank you for using BeMap



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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