Beastars Hd Live Wallpaper

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Get tired of your traditional wallpapers?
are you anime's fan?
No thanks to notice one thing special?
Beastars Hd Live Wallpaper app wherever you'll be able to notice unbelievable live footage and set them as anime wallpaper merely with one step.
Beastars story:In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescences of Cherryton Academy, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness.
The main character is Regoshi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.
Main features:
Friendly computer program, only 1 step to end the setting;
Large number of chosen HD, 1080p, 4K pictures;
Anime various lighting tricks to satisfy your customized demand;
Anime Wallpaper - Anime Series always update new pictures to us collect and provide to you every day.
You and me is a big fan of Anime, Series, pokemon, Otaku ,Manga ,Novels ,One-shots ,Web Toon ,Doujinshi ,Manhwa ,Manhua . . you can see a lot of beautiful cute girl anime, beautiful wallpaper that you can download and use in you phone.
Find your favorite anime characters,celebrities, art work, photographs… or perhaps opt for your lover and pets. With Wallpaper Master, you'll be able to build them alive in your phone! only one step, you may notice however improbably this app works. It’s unengaged to be the best, don't hesitate to try!
Caractéristiques du fond d'écran anime:
✔ Juste 3 MB de taille.
✔ Fonds d'écran Ultra HD et 4K.
✔ Pinch Zoom.
✔ Easy Switcher fonds d'écran de manga.
✔ Ajoutez vos fonds d'écran préférés à vos favoris.
✔ Partager des images avec Tumblr ou les réseaux sociaux.
✔ Enregistrer les fonds d'écran Backgrounds & Tumblr pour le stockage.
✔ Fonds d'écran tous les jours automatiquement.
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This APP is made by anime fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. This app is mainly for entertainment and for all fans to enjoy these anime wallpapers. Support download anime live photo with size large.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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