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Glossary is a tool that can search for a word without having to know exactly which word you are looking for.
All you need to know is the length and maybe a couple of letters.
The application is designed for those who love to solve crossword puzzles, quizzes, gallows or otherwise interested in the Slovenian language.
The words are presented without spaces and lowercase except for the names, surnames and places.
Glossary contains a
more than half a million words ! List of words taken from SSKJ / BSJ (website Fran).
Alone application
it does not require an Internet connection !
With the vocabulary you can solve many types of crossword puzzles:
■ Imaging
■ combination
■ dopolnjevanke
■ symmetric
Crossword puzzles can be found in:
■ Crossword puzzles from magazines 3K: Pictorial crossword 100 Križankarski cocktail, Slovenia Križanke, Humor Križanke, On This Day, Mini image crosswords, you know, Great Puzzler, Mali Puzzler (belonging to the enterprise misfires l.l.c.)
■ Solomon Puzzler (chat Križanke, genius, puzzle challenge ugankomat ...) (belonging to the firm Salomon l.l.c.)
■ Križankar (thematic, XXL, ...) (belonging to the enterprise Križankar l.l.c.)
■ BUM (crosswords, križko ...) (belonging to the firm and files on l.l.c.)
■ Entertainment (blue, young, mini, maxi, ...) (belonging to the enterprise log d.d.)
■ Diary (Dnevnik d.d.)
■ Enigma (belonging to the enterprise CBTC Evening l.l.c.)
■ Evening (Evening l.l.c. CBTC)
■ Work Nedelo, Slovenian News, Sunday News, Suzy, Weekend ... (belonging to the enterprise work l.l.c.)
■ Farmers voice (belonging to the enterprise CZD Countryside voice l.l.c.)
■ Svet24 (belonging to the enterprise Svet24, informative content l.l.c.)
■ Fireplace (belonging to the enterprise Fireplace l.l.c.)
■ Youth (belonging to the enterprise Mladina newspaper company d.d.)
■ Konjiška news (belonging to the enterprise l.l.c. News)
and many others ...
Glossary is also suitable for TV quizzes:
■ Music Quiz (Golic TV)
■ Kvizkoteka (TV 3 Medias)
■ Golden quiz (Gold TV)
and some other ...
It is also suitable for certain games, such as eg. Gallows.
About the author:
My name is Ulrik Trstenjak, I'm 10 years old and together with my uncle and I developed this app to help you in solving crossword puzzles and solving puzzles in TV quizzes.
Permission for the Internet is necessary to show ads.
The application contains no invasive ads.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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