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One must be amazed but cats are like kids – they resist what is best for them when it comes to their food. Most cat owners will tell that their pet loves to gorge on dried food but will sit back from canned ones. It is just like children favoring ice cream and chips over grains and wheat. If you are looking for the Best Cat Food guide, this app can be highly beneficial.
Cats are known to be carnivores but this doesn’t mean that grains have no use for them. While eating a live prey, cats will be more interested in the wholesome muscle meat and leave the odd guts.
Application contains following features:
1) Collection of Best Cat Food Recipes.
2) Favorites section for cat foods you likes to try.
3) Share best cat food with other family and friends.
Good cat food will also contain grain along with meat and a minimal of by products. The best food for cats comes canned. Dry foods on the other hand are often related to many feline disorders like diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract disorder and even obesity. Dry food just adds to the convenience but has little nutritional significance for the cat. Cats, by nature don’t like to drink much of water.
This is also why all the moisture requirements of their body should come from the food they eat. Canned food is perhaps the closest you can get to feeding raw meat and rats!
A well balanced cat food must contain enough amounts of protein, should be free of grain and by-products and minimum amount of carrageenan. While cats are known to love fish it will also be advisable not to serve prepared fish food, as they are exposed to lot many toxins and metals during preparations. Raw fish once in a while can be helpful however. There is lot more options covered in this app.
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