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Are you looking for flash light ? Best Flash Light! - Torch Flashlight is the best flashlight alert app among all the mobile torch lite apps . The most unique colorful attracting app with bright light to en light room in dark or incase of any light requirement. The ultimate led flash light app is designed free to enlighten your life with beautiful colors.
As you know Torch is no longer requirement; the led light- flashlight of your mobile will serve as torch for brightest light. Use Samsung galaxy flash light as a led torch light for free with mobile light dimmer and many other options. Torch light for Samsung galaxy j7 is here with compatibility of all types of android versions. The extreme torch app with fast controls and flashing effects of dimming and disco lights among the flash lights apps on Google play store.
The best lamp app, Best Flash Light! - Torch Flashlight is absolute app for making led flash lights of your android phone to torch light. The iflashlight comforts you in every spot of darkness. By torch flaslight app you will walk free in the dark without fear of tiny flashlight fails down or anyother problem related to flashlight. Ultimate best bright torch light with in your pocket which consumes less battery to stay long enlightened.
Features of tiny brightest flash light are:
- Torchlight in Dark just touch
- Blinking light on Incoming Call or SMS
- To Light LED in screen senters
- Cool Light lumiere
- Strobe/Blinking Mode
- Chnage the intensity of light as you want
- Ultimate mobile light dimmer with timer property
With this app, you can do flash light :
- Find Your Keys in the Dark
- touch button remove the darkness
- Read a Real Book at Night
- Light the Way When Camping and Hiking
- Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night
- Light Your Room during a Power Outage
- Repair Your Car or Change Puppets using this light
- Set time for your light.

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Version: 1.8.6

Requires: Android 4.2 or later


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