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"For those of you who like to read horror stories of this app is perfect for you to download and read it.
The list of list of stories in this same practice are as follows:
1. Mystical Mystery Stories Save Tumbal Pesugihan Gunung Kawi.
2. Interest Assets / Gold / Money invisibility In the Forest twigs.
3. Mystical Mystery Stories True Story Alam Kubur husband Spirits Return After Death.
4. Mystical Mystery Almost True Story of Lust Sexual arousal Ghosts Caught Beautiful Woman.
5. True Story Mystery Shamans Women Who Married With Unseen creatures.
6. Revealing the True Story of Tragedy Robbery In Pulo Mas.
7. True Story Story Get Teeth Amulet Lightning From the Sky.
8. Mystery Spirits of People Who Died In Case of Singles.
9. Mystical Mystery Ghost Hunt Real Killer.
10. Victim Souls Japanese occupation era.
11. Ritual To Get Fly Sciences.
12. The Russian Experiment the Terrible.
13. lurid stories in the Mountain.
14. Mystical Stories in Indian Railways.
15. Strange Dream.
16. Most of the ghost story, a result ....
17. Subway sightings in China.
Roads 18. The armature in Babakan Siliwangi, Bandung.
19. Mystery Death in Hotel.
20. SEVEN YEARS in the grip of witchcraft PEAS.
21. Ritual Pesugihan OMYANG jimbe.
22. Opening Eyes Look What My mind.
23. Pocong resentment.
24. Mystery of Sukhoi.
25. Mystical Mystery of Mount Salak."



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