BiSym Scale for LiteGait

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BiSym can only be used if purchased as part of a LiteGait package.
One of the most popular LiteGait upgrades is the new BiSym, a unique option available with LiteGait® to measure unilateral or bilateral support. LiteGait®’s special design includes a two-armed yoke which holds the patient above each shoulder. From these two points, the harness system can be adjusted to provide as much or as little support required to each side of the body. The range of support can vary on each side from full to no support.
Sensors measure the weight bearing load changes from the right to left side during the gait cycle, The BiSym monitor displays the value of support provided by LiteGait® in the selected weight units or a percentage of the patients body weight. Toggle between weight and percentage by a touch of a button. These real time measurements can be used as biofeedback for the patient. The more weight bearing by the patient = better posture = less work by machine = smaller BiSym reading.
If your current yoke is not BiSym ready, Upgrade now!
BiLateral Symmetry measure of dynamic support provided by LiteGait®- now with:
Improved feedback
Blue-tooth capable
LBS or % body weight
Graphics display
Report & export
Time-trace of support provided
Selectable patient orientation
Set goals- neuro & ortho patients



Version: 2.0.2

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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